Linn Synnøve, call me Linnsy. Norwegian, 17.
Hockey's my thing
Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Rangers, Vålerenga Hockey and Färjestad Bk.
Have a very soft spot for Eddie Läck.


❀ about me ❀


name: Linn Synnøve (Linnsy)

age: 17

birthday: January 20th

zodiac: Capricorn

single or takenSingle (in a flirtationship kind of lol)

height: 6’ 1”

eye color:  Blue

middle name: Have none

favorite color: Purple and blue

lucky number: 29


hogwarts house [x]: Hufflepuff 

favorite fictional character:  No idea

favorite television show: Grey’s Anatomy, The Following, FRIENDS. Sooo many more

favorite season: Winter

describe yourself in a few words:  tall, awkward, sports enthusiast

future children’s names: Sophia/Sofia and Markus/Marcus

meaning of your name: Swedish name, means some kind of flower. Scandinavian, meaning sun gift 

ultimate otp:  Ross and Rachel

what do you plan to/do for a living: Something with Sports Medicine

starbucks order: Mango Passionfruit  Fruit Frappuccino Blended 


introvert or extrovert: Introvert 

dawn or dusk: Dusk

righty or leftyRight

coffee or tea: Tea

rain or shine: Shine

reading or writing: Reading

(Source: banditswan)